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Your tax-deductible donation today will help fund pre-clinical studies that are vital to progressing the artificial heart and other heart failure treatments, so we can continue saving lives.

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$75 helps to covers day-to-day lab expenses for heart research
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'My new heart saved me, and gave my daughter a mother' - Marie, heart transplant survivor pictured in hospital with newborn baby.

A heart transplant saved Marie’s life and gave Faith a mother

At 30 weeks pregnant, Marie's health suddenly deteriorated and she faced a life-shattering diagnosis - she was in end-stage heart failure.

Her organs were shutting down and without a heart transplant she had just weeks to live.

Thanks to advances in heart research, Marie received a heart transplant and the chance to raise her baby girl, Faith.

Please donate by 30 June to help us raise at least $332,000 to support vital research and make more life-saving heart transplants possible for patients like Marie who urgently need them.

Why your gift before 30 June is vital for heart failure patients

Only 6,000 donor hearts are available for transplant globally each year, which doesn’t meet the overwhelming need.

The average waiting time for a donor heart is six months. For heart failure patients at death’s door, and their loved ones, this is an excruciating wait.

300,000 Australians suffer heart failure, which places an enormous burden on health care.

One in four Australians will die prematurely of cardiovascular disease.

The statistics are devastating, but thanks to research, less people are losing their lives to heart disease than ever before.

This only proves Dr Victor Chang's belief in the importance of investing in cardiovascular research, which continues to produce life-saving advances in disease treatment and prevention.

Your support today will help to realise revolutionary treatments for heart failure and heart transplantation, that could help save lives all over the world.

The average waiting period for a heart transplant is six months.

When you’re experiencing the pain and uncertainty of heart failure, that’s an excruciating wait. 

Professor Chris Hayward is collaborating with some of Australia’s leading researchers and engineers to help achieve the seemingly impossible – an artificial heart.  

If successful, this revolutionary new device will fully restore heart function, unlike current devices which only replace the left side of the heart - often meaning patients are unable to live their lives normally.

Dr Victor Chang himself aspired to make this a reality to help save the lives of countless Australians who suffer from heart failure.

Your support will provide critical funding to help us carry out further pre-clinical studies and help make more life-saving heart transplants possible

With your help, our research could provide a lifeline to heart failure patients

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You can help prevent heartbreak with world-first research that will see the sickest heart patients treated before it’s too late

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